A selection of our clients

Since 2002 Maldaba have provided consultancy, design, development, branding and support services to a growing list of customers

“I have worked with Maldaba for several years in developing a bespoke database for my organisation to collect and analyse data about the people we support.

They are always extremely professional and reliable but their real strength as far as I’m concerned is the very helpful way they have supported us to think through exactly how we want to capture data and what it is we are trying to achieve with it. This process has at times been difficult, frustrating and time consuming but Maldaba, and Lorenzo in particular, are always willing to commit the time and energy to getting it right and almost always with a bright smile!

Over the years the relationship with Maldaba has been extremely helpful, positive and friendly through what have been quite complex and difficult processes and this is what makes Maldaba so good to work with. I would recommend them without hesitation.”

Ruth Phillips,

Assistant Director of Operations,

Mental Health Charity