University College London

University College London

Maldaba were approached by a research group at UCL to produce a web-based system to administer a randomised control trial (RCT).

We worked closely with the group to help design the trial.

We then built a web-based system using our RCT software which provided a secure login for all people involved in the trial (participants, clinicians and researchers) in order for them to fulfil their various roles.

We designed and built the online questionnaires for participants and clinicians to complete, along with the tools which allowed staff to monitor the trial and to communicate with participants via e-mail and SMS.

We also implemented the randomisation algorithm, based on clinical best-practice.

We created the branding for the project as well designing the website through which participants take part in the trial. We continue to support and maintain the system.

“Maldaba was a great choice for our research study because they took care to understand exactly what we needed and then tailor-made a range of solutions for us to choose from. Maldaba has always been prompt, friendly and efficient with tech support and able to adapt the technology to suit the research project’s changing needs.”

Judith Stephenson
Professor of Sexual & Reproductive Health UCL
Director of Women’s Health Programme, UCL Partners