Academic institutions and research bodies

Academic institutions, research bodies, faculty leaders and academics need a software partner that can build solutions which help demonstrate impact, reduce workloads, improve efficiencies and influence decision making that improves people’s lives.

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Maldaba’s adaptability, clear communication and understanding of user needs and pressures were all critical to making rapid progress amid changing hospital discharge guidance and the pandemic.

Edmund Willis – Care and Health Improvement Programmed, Local Government Association

A range of pressures

UK academics and researchers are facing a significant challenges in research funding and demanding research output expectations from their academic institutions, expecting them to do more with less.

Academics and researchers are also under intense pressure from REF and other bodies to demonstrate impact.

Other challenges include:

Red pulse
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Software solutions for human-focused issues

Data management and research-focussed software can help faculty and researchers alike save time, make better decisions and create impactful research outcomes by organising, securely storing and analysing the massive amounts of information they generate, and streamlining their research work.

Bespoke platforms based on their specific needs enable research teams to collaborate more effectively, regardless of location, providing the tools for joined-up working, modern digital engagement with research participants, and effective oversight of their work.

Software can also help manage their research projects, including funding and grant management, research workflows and compliance management.

Whatever the solution – an online platform for raising awareness of research, a tool for helping improve campus work-life balance or a means of connecting researchers with influential decisionmakers – it’s vital that it is co-designed by the people using it on a daily or regular basis to create human-focused long-term change.

Ready to collaborate with us and solve your problems with software that delivers long-term impact?

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Who are we and what do we do?

We are a team of highly experienced developers, designers, and project managers with expertise in web development, app development, data management, digital transformation, and integration with third-party systems.

We work closely with academic and research body operations leaders to develop innovative and user-friendly software solutions designed to solve complex problems, make processes more efficient, demonstrate the impact of research and, ultimately, deliver long-term positive change.

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