Brook & Family Planning Association

Maldaba collaborated with Brook and the Family Planning Association (FPA) in a joint venture to provide a free-to-use application for website visitors, a breakthrough in contraceptive decision-making. We were an integral part of the development team, throughout the process.

The tool is called My Contraception Tool (MCT). It is a unique, evidence-based web tool designed to support people’s contraceptive choices by evaluating their preferences and priorities as well as their physical needs.

It was built using software developed by Maldaba; Elicia (our questionnaire tool) and Annalisa (our general-purpose decision aid). We worked closely with the other team members, customising the software, providing technical assistance and advice in general, and liaising with a number of different organisations to ensure that the MCT embedded smoothly into the websites of both Brook and the FPA.

Maldaba provided consultancy and technical support for a project to develop an online decision aid to help people with contraceptive choices, called My Contraception Tool. The tool combines specialist software, research, expertise in decision-making and sexual health, and months of user involvement and consultation. Maldaba’s input has been key throughout each stage of development. Lorenzo and Mark at Maldaba explain the technical to the non-technically minded, are able to collaborate with groups across different sectors, are professional and are always there when you need them. Mark and Lorenzo have been a joy to work with, I recommend them highly and hope very much to continue working with them on other projects.

Dr Rebecca French, Faculty of Public Health and Policy, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

In November 2011 the Bupa Foundation recognised the importance of My Contraception Tool during the Foundation’s annual awards, in the Patients As Partners category. Maldaba were delighted to be part of the team to receive this acknowledgement for our work. My Contraception Tool continues to be an important free online tool available to everyone.

Read the official press release of MCT

MCT can be used freely on the Brook website and the FPA website.