My Living Will is live!

By Lorenzo 18th November, 2015

Advance Decision, Advance Statement, Application Framework, Branding, End of Life, Mental Capacity Act, My Living Will, Website Design

For the past couple of years Maldaba has been working with a start-up charity called My Living Will.  This is an innovative project that aims to inform, educate, and empower all of us off the back of the Government’s 2005 Mental Capacity Act.

The Act enables us all to create Advance Decisions and Advance Statements for our end-of-life care, should we not have the capacity to express our wishes at that time.

Maldaba worked with the charity to articulate the charity’s position and mission, as well as executing a complete branding exercise, designing, building and supporting the website, and providing the technology (within the site) that lets visitors create their own, unique, personal Advance Decision and Advance Statement, tailored to their needs, preferences and wishes.

The technology is build using Maldaba’s Application Framework (MAF) and lets charity staff control content both for the website and for the document-creation process.  It’s been a project in which we’ve become heavily involved and we often feel like we’re part  of the charity team, which is lovely!  We also think their video is fantastic, watch it here:

We’re delighted the project is now live, thanks to all who supported us in designing, building and testing the system.  We wish the My Living Will team the very best of luck!