Camden Coders #1 – Digital Healthcare Barriers

By Lorenzo 23rd February, 2017

Camden Coders, Digital Healthcare, mHealth, NHS

Welcome to the first instalment of our new Camden Coders series! In the series we celebrate Maldaba’s north London origins (both Mark and Lorenzo are local Camden boys, after all), and look at different perspectives, aspects and predictions for the future of digital technology, Maldaba-style!

Our first post looks at the barriers to the widespread adoption of digital healthcare based on Maldaba’s experiences since 2002 working on digital healthcare research and front-line work with the likes of UCL, King’s College London, Imperial, the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, the NHS (especially in Brighton and Yorkshire), the University of Sydney in Australia, a number of hospitals in Denmark, Brook, the Family Planning Association, Westminster Drug Project, the Richmond Fellowship and Together for Mental Wellbeing, to name but a few!

Lorenzo Gordon, Maldaba co-founder and Director, discusses the biggest obstacles to overcome when implementing digital healthcare solutions. Without wanting to give too much away, you may be surprised to watch that those obstacles are not themselves digital.

Watch the video below to see what Lorenzo has to say about those barriers in digital healthcare adoption, and how they are best overcome, in Maldaba’s experience.

If you have a digital project (healthcare or not) you want to discuss with Maldaba, please get in touch.