Maldaba as Your Public Sector Partner

By Lorenzo 20th November, 2016

NHS, Public Sector, Technical Partner

Here’s a question we are often asked when we are short-listed for public sector procurement: why Maldaba?

It’s a fair question. We want those people in charge of of public resources and money to thoroughly check out who they engage with. There are lots of IT and software companies out there who, like Maldaba, are UK-based, have a great track record, offer value-for-money, and produce great quality results. So, why Maldaba?

There’s one reason why: we ask the right questions and we listen very carefully to the answer. Sound simple? Consider this. Most clients have identified a need before they reach a supplier. If they hadn’t it’s unlikely there’d be a project to begin with. Often, in identifying the need, they will describe the solution. Just think about that for a moment. That’s like a patient diagnosing themself and then going to their GP. It’s like a homeowner designing their extension before contracting an architect. In both cases we use professionals precisely because we (the patient, the home owner) know what the problem is, and we need them, the trained and experienced professional to identify the answer. Yet, when it comes to IT, too often both the client and the supplier assumes that the client knows what the solution is. Why should they? That’s not their speciality and they don’t have the experience of system architecture or data normalisation that professionals like Maldaba have.

Often a client will say what they want, and lots of good digital firms are able to deliver that. It’s not unusual though for clients at the end to realise that what they wanted is not necessarily what they needed. Maldaba’s approach is to work hard in collaboration with our clients to understand what they need. That takes a lot of effort, skill, experience and time. That’s why Maldaba.

We don’t assume that we have all the answers, but we do know the questions to ask, and how to get the information we need from our customers. Yes it takes time, and yes it’s hard work (hence our collaborative approach), but the results speak for themselves. When it comes to accounting for public sector projects, our response stands-up to the question ‘Why Maldaba’ every time.

Watch former PCT Director Huw Jones explain why he recommends Maldaba for public sector contracts: