My Living Will

Maldaba facilitated the creation of end-of-life healthcare charity, My Living Will.

The Challenge for My Living Will

My Living Will co-founders Isky Gordon and David Metz knew they had something to offer when it came to raising awareness of recent changes to Government legislation, and were passionate about empowering people to make end-of-life healthcare choice that are right for their individual circumstances and preferences.


  • Co-production
  • Positioning
  • Branding
  • Identity
  • Visual Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Web Development
  • Responsive Design
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Project outcomes

Enabled charity staff and visitors to easily create personalised Advance Decisions and Advance Statements, in-keeping with the Court of Protection guidance.

They came to Maldaba because of our track record in personalised healthcare-related decision-making (Maldaba had already worked on My Contraception Tool with Brook and the Family Planning Association). What they received was an end-to-end service including advice on the vehicle to create for the project, positioning, identity, branding, visual design and implementation of the website.

What struck us was Maldaba’s prior experience in health-related websites which involved decision-making. I would recommend Maldaba. They’ve helped us a lot to clarify our thinking and have delivered a website which is very functional.

David Metz, co-founder and trustee of the My Living Will charity

In-keeping with Maldaba’s approach to reduce our clients’ reliance on us for day-to-day activities, Maldaba provided the charity with the ability to easily control vast amounts of content, including often repeated content in different contexts, as well as the facility to manage the legal wording of the downloaded Advance Decisions, in-keeping with the directions from the Court of Protection.

For the first time ever, website visitors are able to construct ADs and ASs that reflect their individual circumstances and wishes, reducing the barrier that previous template versions are known to create. Maldaba ensured that copious user testing at each stage of the process resulted ultimately in a message correctly delivered on-target, with a brand and website to match.

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