About Maldaba

Software development for humans

About Us

Passionate about delivering meaningful outcomes and impactful change for people, through innovative digital solutions, driven by partnership working.

Our background

We’re a purpose driven organisation with over 20 years of experience working with the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. We support organisations with digital technology and professional services to deliver creative solutions to their complex and knotty problems.

Collaborative – we work in partnership with your team and end-users, giving everyone a voice and ensuring the solution is reliable and successful.

Strategic – we’ll support you to review your existing processes and data, and help to unlock new uses and ways of working to achieve better all-round results.

Driving connections – we’ll help you to connect better within your teams, and with the people who use your services, so everyone has a better experience from working with you.

Technical experts – our experienced designers and developers will help you to build quality and scalable systems, which transform your operations and raise standards across your organisation.

How we deliver change

We work closely with your team to develop user-friendly software solutions designed to solve complex problems and deliver long-term impactful change for people both inside and external to, your organisation.

Discover – We begin with a discussion process which helps clients to define the problems we are trying to solve, challenge assumptions and make sure everyone’s voice is heard. We break down knotty problems into manageable pieces with a practical route to a solution.

Design – Design means visual, experience, technical, conceptual. It’s always human-centred, focussed on end users and delivering meaningful change for people.

Deliver – We work in close partnership with clients to build, test, build, test, build, test. Iteration is key to the final delivery of a high quality product, service or organisational change which meets the client’s needs.

Support – Once we launch, we listen, we ask questions, and we measure. Good solutions respond to the world around them and continue to improve.

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We’re a passionate and friendly team and would jump at the opportunity to support you in creating positive change through your work.

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